Our all new learning platform, powered by Moodle (industry standard open source web-based teaching software), which is now online and offering a growing list of free and paid courses; for example, Tai Chi Qigong (student and Teaching Professional), Meditation, Disability Equality, Seated Exercise (student and Teaching Professional), computer related software and hardware courses and English as a Second Language (TEFL), to name a few.

The platform is easy to use, versatile and adaptable (to student and teacher alike), allowing for external freelance teachers to offer their courses on our site in quick time.

In conjunction to the online courses, there are personal 1-2-1's via Skype, Zoom or Hangouts so you can experience the personal touch.

We Come to You

Many courses are available on-site but obviously are subject to minimum participant numbers to ensure costs are covered.  Some of the practical courses (such as Personal Safety or Qigong Trainer) are more suited to being in groups, in person for obvious reasons.

The costs involved are quoted at the time for minimum 6 people in a group.  The maximum in a class is 18. 
Send a message with your needs, location and number of participants.  It is usual for a half or full day to be allocated to most courses, meaning two half days (or two groups) could be catered for each whole day.



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Example Courses

Here's a brief list of some of the courses, ever expanding, to be offered

A number of courses, free and paid, teaching you the various sets, such as Shibashi 1, 2, and 3.  Many more are available and are ideal for every ability. 

Using the new system, Moodle, this is the online version of the courses I ran during 2009-2012.  In this way, no minimum numbers are required, you can start your new career right now.

This section features everything from basic set up, to uploading the finished product and more.  Each section uses standard software types, such as HTML and PHP.

Over 5 years making youtube videos has given me vast experience of using standard software packages, Vegas, OBS, etc, to produce output as well as live streaming with a full equipped studio.

I took my TEFL certification over 2 years ago now and have always had the intention of putting it to use professionally, apart from the intermediate use teaching my Thai wife.  

My aim is offering quality courses using the best materials and cutting edge methods, amalgamating my 30 plus years teaching experience into this platform.  This list is not exhaustive and many more courses will be added, including those from freelance course designers with the same mindset to delivering quality courses.  Their efforts are rewarded.

Personal Safety

Managing Stress 

Zazen Meditation

Disability Awareness

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